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From Self-Doubt to Self-Compassion

I’ve been meaning to link these wonderful talks for some time and have finally gotten around to it. They are both from the superb website Dharmaseed, which offers literally thousands of free recordings of respected Buddhist teachers. These are two of my favorites. The first is by Tara Brach (who is also a psychologist) about bringing compassion into daily life and getting past some of the stumbling blocks to valuing ourselves and others:  Grounds of Compassion.  In addition to her wisdom and lovely presentation, Tara leavens her talk with lots of humor and some deeply touching stories.  The second is by Joseph Goldstein about two common “hinderances,” or things that can get in the way of being present and at peace:  Doubt and Aversion.  As you’ll see, you can either stream the talk on your computer, or you can download it and use it in an mp3 player.  I like to listen to them in the car or on my iPod when I go running.  I have no association with Dharmaseed, but if you like these talks you might consider supporting the website with a donation out of gratitude for their generosity.

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