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I can’t remember having ever done this before, but I’m going to shamelessly proselytize a movie that I saw last week. It’s called “I Am” (*not* “I am Four” which is entirely different!). We also had a chance to meet and hang out with the filmmaker, Tom Shadyac as well, which was really fun.

You may have seen a trailer for it, and if not I’ve linked the trailer below. It’s a heartfelt, inspiring story of love and humanity that brings together attachment, polyvagal theory (including some woo-woo Heartmath stuff), ancient religion and personal responsibility. The point of it is to energize the grassroots conversation about the shifting of global values from greed to empathy. It has everything to do with couples relationships, not to mention world equanimity.

The movie opened last week in SF after opening two cities in the Northwest. It has been playing in Marin and Berkeley as well, but check your listings. All profits go to the cause.

Here’s the trailer:

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