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What makes people feel close?

 I love it when my clients ask a great question. In years of doing couples work nobody had asked me that directly…until a few weeks ago. Of course there have been variations like “How can we feel closer?,” or the sad antithesis: “How did things get so bad?,” or the common: “Why do we just […]

Yearning & Regret – Affairs

If you’re on the verge of an affair, have contemplated one, or know yourself well enough to know you could be vulnerable in this way, this New York Times point-of-view article is a must-read (A Roomful of Yearning and Regret).  Too often, people don’t really think about the full impact of the consequences, of which […]

Top 10 psychologists in San Francisco, CA 2015

Congratulations to Robert Solley PhD for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in San Francisco Psychologist