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Individual therapy offered by Robert Solley, PhD, in San Francisco is represented by woman in floral-print dress sitting alone on a bench, seen from behind.

Individual (Adult) Therapy

My orientation for individual therapy integrates a variety of theoretical frameworks which I see as sharing many common ideas in addition to having their separate identities.


Central to me are the importance of the therapeutic relationship, empathy, and emotional attunement. I consider each client as unique and tailor my therapy as much as possible according to her or his needs, style, and personality.

My in-depth experience and understanding of couples work gives me special insights into relationship issues, which are often a source of other dissatisfaction and life difficulties, and I enjoy working with individuals who are also in couples therapy with other therapists.

The frameworks I draw on include attachment theory, psychodynamic,  cognitive-behavioral, Gestalt, neuropsychology, EMDR, positive and mindfulness psychologies, and family and systems theory.

The following are areas I typically help individuals with:

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