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CBT for Insomnia (CBT-I)

I am a certified CBT-I provider. CBT-I is widely considered the “gold standard” for insomnia treatment.

More than 50% of adults now complain of difficulty sleeping, half of these chronically. We now know that sleeping pills are not the solution to insomnia and that it is possible to successfully treat insomnia using cognitive-behavioral therapy-insomnia (CBT-I). CBT-I has been endorsed by the National Institutes of Health as an effective and preferred method for treating insomnia.

Research on CBT shows the following:

  • 75% of insomnia patients experience significantly improved sleep.

  • 85–90% reduce or eliminate sleeping pills.

  • CBT-I is more effective than sleeping pills.


CBT-I achieves these results because it is based on the idea that insomnia can only be treated effectively by addressing the underlying causes of insomnia — thoughts and behaviors — which are learned, and therefore can be unlearned.

CBT-I Components

Techniques taught in CBT-I include:

  • changing sleep thoughts and behaviors

  • lifestyle habits that improve sleep

  • relaxation techniques

Who Would Benefit
  • individuals with problems falling asleep or waking during the night

  • individuals who wish to reduce or eliminate sleep medications

6-Week Treatment Program

CBT-I for insomnia includes:

  • an initial individual assessment

  • five individual treatment sessions over a six-week period

Insurance Coverage

CBT-I is covered by most insurance companies.

The CBT-I program is based on Dr. Gregg Jacobs’ twenty years of CBT-I research and clinical practice at Harvard Medical School.

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