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More Medium Articles – 2017

Here are some more articles I’ve written on Medium.  The first one  been read by over 23,000 people!  The second is a rewrite of an article that appears earlier in this blog, and on Medium it’s Part II of two articles, so if it interests you, you might want to check out Part I. Choosing […]

My Huffington Post Article on Work-Life

Click here to read my article on how overwork is harming families.

Hazards of Commuting

Without reading the original studies, I’d take the quantitative claims of these recent findings with a grain of salt, but it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that long commutes are generally stressful on relationships.  I would agree there are a variety of stress factors.  High on my list would be time and energy away […]

Holiday Stress: Recalculating

A nicely written little piece with an interesting idea for maintaining perspective at times of conflict: Recalculating.  Ms. Heffernan makes some intriguing points, including that technology can amplify our humanness as well as become a “triangulated third” in a couples dispute.  However, the part that really struck home for me was the idea of seeing […]

How to Find a Couples Therapist

Couples Therapy is Different While there is certainly some overlap between individual and couples therapy, the latter is really a different animal.  (By the way, couples therapy, couples counseling, and marriage counseling are virtually interchangeable terms.) Individuals coming into therapy generally have some degree of motivation to work on themselves.  Partners coming into couples therapy […]

The Cohabitation Question

Should we move in together before we get engaged?  Or should we get engaged first?  Will our decision about this affect whether we stay together or not?  These questions pop up quite a bit in the media.  Various surveys and opinions are floated about in attempts to address the issue of cohabitation, with the implication […]

Top 10 psychologists in San Francisco, CA 2015

Congratulations to Robert Solley PhD for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in San Francisco Psychologist